Environmental Charter

Signatories and advocates will seek to:

  • Avoid damage to sites and minimise disturbance to wildlife and the environment.
  • Ensure all group leaders understand more about the habitats, species, geology and environments of North Wales and how to avoid disturbance and damage.
  • Encourage others to respect the wildlife, landscapes and community life in and around North Wales.
  • Show consideration to landowners, residents and other users when parking and operating.
  • Work with land managers and statutory bodies and other interested parties how to best manage groups on existing sites and consider the implications before developing activities into new sites.
  • Respect conservation based management plans that have been agreed and publicised.
  • Encourage groups, colleagues and students to respect, protect and enjoy the special character of the region – habitats, species, wildlife, geology, archaeology and manmade structures.
  • To discuss any essential permanent fixtures with the statutory bodies and relevant parties.
  • Place temporary marks or fixing in such a way as to avoid damage to the special character of the site.
  • Leave a site cleaner that we find it.
  • Leave no trace of visit and take litter home.
  • Enhance the special character of the site.
  • Consult NWEOCG, landowners, conservation and community organisations at an early stage in the planning for any major events.

Signatories Commit to:

  • Receive information from the Outdoor Charter Group.
  • Attend appropriate training courses and briefing sessions.
  • Attending a minimum of one full members meeting each year.
  • Sharing good practice.
  • Being involved in regular review of the Charter.

Endorsing Partners Seek to support the group though:

  • Staff resources.
  • Financial support.
  • Promotion of the group.

Membership Categories

Signatories – An individual or organisation

Endorsing Partners – Organisations who wish to support the environmental charter, whereby signing the charter would not be relevant