Environmental Charter Group

North Wales Environmental Outdoor Charter Group

North Wales Environmental Charter Group (NWEOCG) is a collection of outdoor activity providers who wish to ensure the sustainable management of activity venues whilst enabling a cohesive voice for consultation with external agencies, conservationists and land managers. The group is in the process of being developed in a way which will enable activity businesses to express their commitment to the preservation and conservation of the special environments of North Wales.

NWEOCG is a membership organisation which aims to concentrate on environmental sustainability in the outdoor sector by focussing on some key actions:

  • Providing environmental best practise guidelines to activity providers
  • Enabling an effective and reliable communication system to and from the sector internally and externally
  • Offering relevant environmental training to raise awareness and encourage best practise
  • Facilitating a platform for discussion, development and action
  • Building consensus between activity providers, external agencies, conservationist and land managers
  • Promoting the Environmental Charter

Membership of the group is free but members are expected to sign up to the Environmental Charter and attend a small number of training sessions and meetings each year. Activity providers who join can use an accreditation logo in their marketing to flag up their environmental credentials.

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Environmental Charter

Meetings Minutes

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Contact: Catherine Miles, Co-ordinator  chartergroup@snowdonia-active.com